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St Andrea

Wine That Can Only Be Born Here – We are eager to share the excitement, values and color of the Eger wine region. We produce protected origin, unique and quality wines that can only be born from this region. We wish to grow exciting wines fitting the characteristics of the wine region and possessing a local concept. The direction of our vine cultivation is to grow resistant plants full of vitality, with an optimum yield and care depending on the vine. We especially deal with the enhancement of the living soil, by using compost and bacteria-based fertilisers. We avoid unnecessary...

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Etyeki Kuria

The “Etyeki Kúria” was established in 1996 with a grape growing area of 2 hectares. Soon it became the leading winery of its wine region.. In year 2000 significant developments were started, a modern processing wine tasting room of pleasant atmosphere was built, and in Alcsútdoboz the planting of grape on 10 hectares was started. Thanks to this latter activity the grape growing area is already 18 hectares by today. The winery was the first one to plant Pinot Noir grape in the wine region of Etyek–Buda, and the wine prepared from this grape won many world class awards...

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Introducing Benedek

Benedek Vineyards are a traditional wine making family, they’ve been into winemaking for decades and the profession of wine making has been passed from father to son. They mission is to produce wines with unique taste and variety and to preserve the flavour of this region. Their belief is that the Matra Mountains are a very special place for wine production and are passionate about the miracle and science of wine making. Matra wine region is Hungary’s largest historic highland wine region. Soils here vary in characteristics,  but mostly it’s brown forest soil with andesite and rhyolitic tuff based rock underneath it. The...

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Meet the Winemaker- Beautiful Vida Wines

The Vida estate currently covers an area of 20 hectares, half of which is cultivated land, with a further 3 hectares has been planted in 2011 spring, and an additional seven in autumn of 2011. The centre of the Family Estate, the processing plant and wine cellar, is located in Bakta. The Szekszárd wine region has demonstrated for millennia that it is a unique habitat. There is an unrivalled opportunity to produce great red wines in the east and south-west valleys of the hills. East of this point begins a plain area that stretches to the Carpathians. The beams of the rising...

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Vylyan = Villány, the wine region

Villány is one of Hungary’s most characteristic wine regions, its prestige being earned through centuries of winemaking traditions and its truly wonderful wines. Its soil – loess and clay topsoil on sea-based crusty limestone – is very suitable for striking, full-bodied red wines. The quality and characteristics of the wines are mostly conditioned by the location of the vineyards. Vineyards here are protected from the north wind by the east-western site of the hills. The southern slopes get plenty of sunshine and therefore warm up easily. Villány is famous for the highest number of sunny hours in the whole...

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