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Balla Géza

Balla Géza

The Winery

Discover something very unusual here. With some grapes which grow on rocks, and a mineral ‘Stone Wine’ from Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon or indigenous Feteasca Neagra. Balla also makes a lovely indigenous Cadarca. On the foothills of Arad the former famous historical wine-growing region known as Minis, sank into oblivion in the XX. century’s whirl. The legendary red aszú, the spicy Cadarca, the velvety red wines and the mild Feteasca Regala-s were once known all across Europe. Now our Balla Geza strives for this wine-growing region since 1999 and winning back its fame.


Mustoasa de Maderat

Pale water white. Grapey, soft gentle fruit. Pretty, easy drinking. Gentle acidity – probably higher than realised but hiding behind the pretty, creamy white-peach fruit with notes of icing sugar minerality.

Feteasca Regala

Soft almost pinky pale yellow. Slightly soft ripe peach aromas. Perfumed, floral, scented summer peaches with creamy white nut notes, fresh acidity. with a firm mineral core leading to a triumphant finish. Pretty, balanced and attractive.

Rosé Cuvée

Feteasca Neagra and Pinot Noir. Bright, almost fluorescent pink. Strawberry jam and raspberry fruit – almost boiled sweets in character. Bright red boiled sweet fruit and vibrant acidity. Strawberry fruit, simple fresh and summer-in-a-glass style rosé. Very good acidity, dry, fruity with a gentle mineral core.

Feteasca Neagra

Sweet black fruit and paprika on the nose. Juicy, ripe black fruit and plums, paprika, black pepper and leafy green herbaciousness fruit. Black velvet and dark chocolate tannins with sweetness from the alcohol. A very quaffable wine.


Aromas of tomato, rosehip and paprika. Herbacious, leafy inky minerality with fresh wild raspberry fruit, hints of cloves and leather. Smooth silky tannins support the wine.

Feteasca Neagra Stone Wine

Almost black in colour. Powerful sweet, herby dill aromas, with a hint of beeswax. Smooth black wild bramble fruit with blue floral notes and inky minerality. Intense and powerful with fine silky tannins and long fresh acidity. Mouthwatering and chewy.

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