Importer: Gonzalez Byass UK

Tokaj is thought to be the first vineyard region in the world to have adopted a classification system and, incredibly, the entire Disznókő estate was classified as a first growth property in 1772 at the time of the initial classification by royal decree. In 1992, shortly after the fall of communism in Hungary, the estate was acquired by new owners and a long series of improvements initiated: the vineyards were rehabilitated and replanted, old buildings were refurbished, and new winemaking facilities were constructed.
Disznókő spreads over 250 acres at the south-west entrance of the Tokaj region. Its beautiful classical building now houses one of the most famous restaurants in the area. In 1992 , the property was bought by Axa Millésimes. Disznókő’s entire estate’s vineyards today are still wholly classified as first growth. The estate is essentially a hill of volcanic clay soil with perlite pebbles: at the top of the hill is the boar-shaped rock from which the estate takes its name, and the vineyards are arranged down the southern slope, with the winery at the bottom of the slopes. The vineyard is protected by the cold northern winds by the Zemplén hills. The wines gain their fire from the mineral-rich volcanic land, rhyolite-tuff with clay soils