Furmint is Hungary’s flagship grape variety and the most important grape behind the renowned sweet wines of Tokaj, the “wine of kings and king of wines”. Furmint has been gaining more and more recognition in the UK, so we felt that now is right time to shine a light on this exceptional grape variety.

We are bringing Furmint February to the UK in 2019. For ten years, Furmint February has been organized in Hungary to celebrate the country’s flagship grape amongst trade and consumers.

Throughout the month of February, importers and retailers will be putting Furmint in the spotlight as they embark on activities such as tastings, dinners and special offers, all designed to help wine lovers in the UK taste and learn more about this grape variety.

Vision: To position Furmint as the number one choice amongst trade and consumers when considering wines from the New Old World.

Mission: Make Furmint wines popular among UK consumers and trade

Objectives: Increase awareness for Furmint grape variety and Hungarian wines among trade and wine lovers.

 Furmint Retailer of the year 2019: Olive Room

 Special thanks for all the interest and love you shared with us for Furmint in 2019!
Play Furmint with us again, next February!

Win A Trip to Tokaj

On trade and Independents: WIN UK Furmint Retailer of the Year 2019

Retail and On Trade  WIN A 3 DAY TRIP TO TOKAJ

Promotional mechanism

  • 1st January

    Stock up on Furmint, design your offers. Be creative, here is your Furmint February toolkit:

    – Furmint BTG

    – Furmint on Menu

    – Any special Furmint offer/Promotion

    – Display

  • 30 January
    67 Pall Mall, Press Tasting of 20 wineries Furmint with Caroline Gilby MW
  • 1st February – 28th February
    execute the Furmint promotion (list a Fumrmint, offer it BTG, put it on the menu), engage your consumers with social media
  • 28th of February

    Judging Starts by Peter McCombie MW.

    How to win? We judge based on

    – social media posts,

    – consumer egagement,

    – BTG offer,

    – sommelier recommendation,

    – Furmint on the menu,

    – window display, any other creative promotional execution.

  • 15 March

    Winners Announced! PRIZE: UK Furmint Retailer of the Year 2019

    1st place: 3 day trip to Tokaj

    2nd place: staff dinner (max 6 people)

  • Enter competition by 28th February

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WIN UK Furmint Retailer of the Year 2019


An all Inclusive Trip to Tokaj, brought to you by WineAmore  3 days, 2 nights

Visit one of the World’s most prestigious wine region: Tokaj! Characterised by its rolling and verdant hills, has the distinction of being Europe’s first classified wine region. The thousand-year-old winemaking traditions that still remain in place today make it an obvious choice for UNESCO world heritage designation.

Meet the winemakers, visit the hundred-years’ old cellars, taste the newest and the oldest styles and discover Hungary’s gastronomy. Experience and discover the diversity of Furmint!

  • Enjoy two nights of luxury, staying at the beautiful, period-furnished suites of the 17th-century Rákóczi-Aspremont Mansion, Barta Winery’s accommodation in the Mád village of Tokaj
  • Wine like a King! Visit 6 to 8 wineries during your stay and meet Tokaj’s distinguished winemakers, taste Tokaj
  • Indulge in Hungary’s Gastronomy! Lunches and dinners all inclusive
  • Trasfer from and to Airport included
  • Discover Tokaj with Wine a’More Travel Agency’s English-speaking professional wine tour guide

How To Participate?

Prize sponsored by Wine Amore Travel.

Fall in Love with Furmint

Win Furmint Lover of the Year!

Post a selfie or picture with Furmint on Facebook, Insta or Twitter, mention #furmintfebruary19 and check in to the venue you bought your wine to win a case of Furmint.


Be the Furmint Lovers of the Year!

  • 1st February
    In-store promotions start – look out for Furmint in restaurants and wine bars
  • 1st February – 28th February
    Post on social media with your Furmint: Check-in or mention the name of the retailer/bar you bought your Furmint, make a picture and post on Facebook or Insta or tweet tweet it. Make sure you mention #furmintfebruary19
  • Every Friday in February 2019
    PRIZE: Furmint Lovers of the Year 2019
  • Enter competition from 1st February – 28th February
    No need to apply, Simply post a selfie, mention your Furmint experience on social media (Facebook, Twitter on Instagram) with the #furmintfebruary19, check in to the venue you bought your Furmint and you automatically enter the competition!

Participating wineries

Patricius Borház

Importer: Enotria PATRICIUS is a family-owned winery which has been carefully built by its dedicated owners. A state-of-the-art cellar has been constructed underneath a carefully renovated 300 year old house. On 85 hectares of first class vinyards wines are carefully produced on the same principle, […]

Grand Tokaj

Importer: Pol Roger UK Grand Tokaj is the largest winery in the historic Tokaj-hegyalja wine region and is the guardian and protector of Hungarian national winemaking tradition. The company formerly known as Tokaj Kereskedőház is the flagship of wine production in the region providing for […]

Gizella Pince

Importer: The Wine Rascals Experience of fruits, great terroir, complexity. Tokaj offers all of them. For Laszlo, winemaker and owner of Gizella, it all started with his grandparents. He then had the chance in 2005 to continue and did not hesitate to do so. It’s […]

Kardos Winery

Importer Boutinot Wines From humble beginnings of selling wines from their cellar door and to local bars, this boutique winery started to get more serious when the owners son, Gábor Jnr. came on board full time in 2008. Abandoning a law degree for the land, […]


Importer: Les Caves The Tokaj Hétszőlő estate, known for its unique wines and rich history, is situated in the heart of Tokaj-Hegyalja, on the southern slopes of Mount Tokaj The Hétszőlő and Nagyszőlő vineyards have been classified as premier growing areas since 1772. Sitting on […]

Barta Pince

Importer: Corney n Barrow The vineyards are planted on the volcanic soils and high altitude sites of Mad, whose historic vineyard classification dates back to the 1700s. The outlook at Barta is one of custodianship – they see themselves as part of recently re-established traditions, […]

Dobogó Pincészet

Importer: Liberty Dobogó Winery was founded in 1995 by the famous Zwack Family, well-known for their bitter, Unicum. The Winery is owned by Izabella Zwack and the winemaker Attila Domokos. They are cultivating five hectares on the volcanic soil of first growths in Mád, in […]


Importer: Gonzalez Byass UK Tokaj is thought to be the first vineyard region in the world to have adopted a classification system and, incredibly, the entire Disznókő estate was classified as a first growth property in 1772 at the time of the initial classification by […]

Füleky Pincészet

Looking for Importer Founded in 1998, our estate now owns 25 hectares in the best vineyards in the Tokaj wine region (Teleki, Vinnai, Bakonyi, Dobai, Mestervölgy, Úrágya, Király, Veresek, Somos, Sajgó, Palandor). Beautifully renovated winery and baroque mansion are popular tourist destinations. We are constantly […]

Kovács Nimród Borászat

Importer: Boutinot Wines A world-class winery located in Eger, one of Hungary’s most premium wine regions where wines are expertly crafted from grapes hand harvested in the top three terroirs. These Grand Cru and Premier Cru classified vineyards enjoy a cool climate similar to Burgundy, […]

Kolonics Pincészet

Looking for Importer Karoly Kolonics is a fourth-generation winemaker in the small Hungarian appellation of Somló (pronounced shomlo). Somló is a volcanic hill, the uneroded core of an ancient sea-bed volcano, standing proud on the Pannonian Plain north of Lake Balaton, with unique basalt soils. […]

Sanzon Tokaj

Looking for importer Sanzon Tokaj is a small boutique winery in the lovely village of Erdőbénye, in the heart of Tokaj owned by Erika Rácz and her husband Gergely Jánosi. 3 hectares, organic cultivation, limited selection of wines. Founded in 2014, on a small parcell […]


Importer: Jascots Wine maker Kata Zsirai is Hungary’s Young Wine Maker of the Year for 2018 and she has run the estate with her sister Petra since the death of their father Csaba in 2011. The family’s 18 hectares of vineyards are centred in Mád, […]

Szent Tamás Szőlőbirtok és Pincészet

Importer: Alliance Wine The best wines of Hungary – Our winery produces dry and sweet white wines of the highest quality. Among many Awards our wines had been awarded 5 times within 3 years with the Decanter Platinum, these wines were chosen as the best […]

Royal Tokaji

Importer: Bibendum Wines Available: Royal Tokaji winery comprises 107 hectares of vineyards with a unique combination of first and second growth vineyards. The Royal Tokaji Wine Company, founded in Hungary in 1990, has become one of the most defining wineries in Tokaj. From the outset, […]

Orosz Gábor

Looking for Importer The parcels of the winery are historically situated first and second-class vineyards, on very diverse soils. Nearly eleven hectares are productive vineyards and six hectares are waiting to be planted. These soils, with their complex structure, provide the basis for the three […]

All About Furmint

Caroline Gilby MW

The name Furmint has been quietly cropping up more and more on shop shelves and wine lists in the UK, but if you haven’t discovered it yet, Furmint February is your chance to see why Furmint is the next big thing in wine. This Hungarian grape variety has multiple claims to joining the ranks of great grapes. It may have originated in Hungary where it first appeared by that name in 1611. As the most important grape in the Tokaj region, it has played a key role in the reputation of the gorgeous sweet wines of Tokaji as the “Wine of kings and king of wines. One exciting thing about Furmint is its versatility.

Importers Include


Participating Retailers/Restaurants

Participating and restaurants included:

67 Pall Mall (London)
Bellita (Bristol)
Sexy Fish (London)
The Ritz Hotel (London)
Moor Hall (Lancashire)
Babbo (London)
Leroy (London)
Laithwaites Stores (14 London sites)
Ten Green Bottles (Brighton)

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