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Heimann Winery

Heimann Winery

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After the end of the Ottoman occupation of Hungary in the 18th century Swabian farmers were encouraged by royal incentives to settle down in the depopulated regions. They brought along their advanced wine producing culture and entrepreneurial, hard-working spirit. They planted vine on the abandoned hillsides and revitalized trade. The Heimanns belonged to the “lower street Swabians” in Szekszárd and were one of the enterprising and hard-working farmer families. The family believes that the future of our estate lies with local varieties, their commitment is reflected in the structure of their new plantings, viticultural experiments and wines are farmed on an organic way. The wine region of Szekszárd, known mostly for its famous Kadarka red wine, has been noted for its wine culture since Roman times and became one of the main centres of Hungarian red wine production in the 15th century. As the climate of the sunny wine region is rather balanced, excellent red grapes can grow on the mostly loess lands. Szekszárd reds are known for their velvety texture, and often shows elegance. Szekszárd, along with Eger, is also one of the two regions that produce the famous<br /> Hungarian Bikavér.


SXRD 2016

“Red fruit, some spice, fresh, crisp even, leafy, soft tannins, some sweet but well integrated oak.”

Peter McCombie MW

Kadarka 2017

“Light red; slightly reductive nose; juicy red fruited, easy drinking and chillable.”

Peter McCombie MW

Heimann Bikaver
Bikavér 2015

“Savoury, slightly earthy, sous bois, plums, hint of vanilla; medium weight, nice red fruit, good freshness, soft tannins. juicy, medium long finish.”
Peter McCombie MW

Birtokbor 2015

“Fresh, leafy expression of Franc, bit of hedgerow, sniff of chocolate; quite delicious in a youthful, crunchy style. Good acidity, medium tannins, good balance.”

Peter McCombie MW

Barbár 2015

“Savoury, some reduction, red and black fruit, med weight, with some medium firm tannins, some persistence. Still quite youthful, nice wine.”
Peter McCombie MW

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