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The Wines of Hungary project brings quality wines for the best possible price and complete emphasis on quality.

Based permanently in London, we work closely with Hungarian wineries who focus on the UK, we support their marketing in order to facilitate their goals. Wines of Hungary creates the link between Hungarian wines and the UK trade.

Aimed at journalists and on trade, this tasting will bring together the UKs top international importers featuring their Hungarian range.

Hungarian wines have been going from strength to strength in the UK over the last few years. According to the WSTA Annual Wine Report 2017, Hungarian wines were amongst the top 10 importers of both white and red wines to the UK in 2016, bringing in 69,498 and 35, 229 hectolitres respectively. Our aim is to build on this momentum with events like today, providing education and expertise form industry.

The consumer demand for Hungarian wines has never been as high. Importers are adding to their lists and we are seeing more Hungarian wines in Michelin Starred restaurants in London than ever before. The quality of the wines is high and our volcanic soils give the wines a lovely minerality, which makes them particularly food friendly. This had been helped by the outstanding vintage that Hungary had in 2017, so it’s a good time to join us and try the wines.

Top experts including Oz Clarke, Caroline Gilby MW, Elizabeth Gabay MW and Peter McCombie MW this day will guide you through the world of Hungarian wine! There will be exciting trails for those who want a fast track…