The Vida estate currently covers an area of 20 hectares, half of which is cultivated land, with a further 3 hectares has been planted in 2011 spring, and an additional seven in autumn of 2011.

The centre of the Family Estate, the processing plant and wine cellar, is located in Bakta.

The Szekszárd wine region has demonstrated for millennia that it is a unique habitat. There is an unrivalled opportunity to produce great red wines in the east and south-west valleys of the hills. East of this point begins a plain area that stretches to the Carpathians. The beams of the rising sun hits the vine hills and starts to warm them early on. The greatness of the Szekszárd hills lies within the hidden valleys, which allows a unique microclimate to develop.

Vida wines are a real hidden treasure of Hungary and we are proud to be the only importers in the UK of this truly  magnificent brand, a unique, family grown and manufactured delicious nectar.

Peter Vida