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At Wines of Hungary UK we pride ourselves of enabling efficient wine communications. Part of this brings the opportunity that now enables us to present our audiences with this book, a year-book on our beloved, special, indegenious Furmint. A summary of the book captures the purpose well:
“We wanted to grab each and every opportunity to introduce this wonderful grape so that we, Furmint belivers, can convince “atheists” that it is worth looking for Furmint in each Hungarian wine district and winery, as well as on the shelves of wine shops and stores. As for those already commited to Furmint, we would like to guide them among the most beautiful Furmints and provide them with new information and behind-the-scene secrets.”
In terms of the wine sector it is crucial to recognize talent and use underlying capbilites approriately in order to create excellence and competitiveness by nurturing our capabilites.
This book on Furmint is part of the Hungarian National Wine Excellency Programme. This programme is a Hungarian Goverment initiative that aims at six complex development areas:
1. Grape varieties of excellence
2. Wines of excellence
3. Education and Reserch
4. Marketing excellence
5. Human factors excellence
6. Relationship synergies

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