Göncöl Dry Szamorodni


Dry wine of straw – yellow color that shows the delicate flavors of green nuts and well-cooked bread crust. Nice acidity, along typical bouquet and elegance of maturation in oak casks. Szamorodni: This type of wine was initially known as főbor (prime wine), but from the 1820s Polish merchants popularised the name samorodny, (The word stems from Slovak, Prekmurian Slovene, and Kajkavian Croatian languages, which used to be spoken before the hungarization of the Pannonian Basin. The word is an adjective and means “self-grown”, “the way it was grown”, or “made by itself”). What sets Szamorodni apart from ordinary wines is that it is made from bunches of grapes which contain a high proportion of botrytised grapes. Szamorodni is typically higher in alcohol than ordinary wine. Szamorodni often contains up to 100-120 g of residual sugar and thus is termed édes (sweet). However, when the bunches contain less botrytised grapes, the residual sugar content is much lower, resulting in a száraz (dry) wine. Its alcohol content is typically 14%.

ABV 14%

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Semi-sweet, Tropical Fruits, Exciting

Varietal: Szamordni

Region: Tokaj

Vintage: 2009


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