An exceptional terroir

Acclaimed as one of the most favourable sites for Aszú in Tokaj, the Disznókő estate is a single tract of land, planted with noble grape varieties of the Tokaj Wine Region, mainly Furmint. Disznókő is one of the only estates in the Tokaj Wine Region to be one single tract of land. 104 hectares (256 acres) of vines set in 150 hectares (370 acres). Moreover, this is one of the few Tokaj wineries set in its vineyard. And every Disznókő wine comes from this vineyard. Sarga Borhaz

As a consequence we have daily contact with the vineyard and a high level of responsiveness (crop protection, harvest). We have thus gained in-depth knowledge of all our plots. The grapes are all vinified separately giving us an intimate understanding of the estate. This enables us to bring out the best from our grapes to ensure phenomenal wines. Our quest for purity has driven us to craft wines from unique small individual parcels too in order to highlight their individual character (Kapi Vineyard).