The Ars Sacra wine package, was released for the first time, and it is a collaboration of two like-minded viticulturists from different wine regions: Istvan Szepsy, one of Hungary’s most outstanding producers, well known as an innovator in Tokaj, and Gyorgy Lorincz, a prominent winemaker from the Eger wine region.

The exclusive, festive gift box contains two special bottles: Istvan Szepsy’s Szamorodni 2012 from the emblematic Tokaj-Hegyalja vineyards, which the producer says represents the most original Hungarian wine style, and the St Andrea Winery’s 2011 Egri Bikavér from the Nagy-Eged Hill, a wine considered by many to embody a new dimension in Eger, and exlusively made for the Ars Sacra wine package.

This joint appearance not only expresses the two winemakers’ respect and love for each other, but is also an outstanding example of collaboration between the two wine regions. “This partnership is important from a marketing point of view; such clear, simple messages are needed,” said Istvan Szepsy, adding that the initiative is not primarily about sales, but rather that the two producers, who have similar ideas about divine reliance on God and winemaking, wish to express what the sanctity of wine and the art of wine mean to them.