Villány is one of Hungary’s most characteristic wine regions, its prestige being earned through centuries of winemaking traditions and its truly wonderful wines.

Its soil – loess and clay topsoil on sea-based crusty limestone – is very suitable for striking, full-bodied red wines. The quality and characteristics of the wines are mostly conditioned by the location of the vineyards.

Vineyards here are protected from the north wind by the east-western site of the hills. The southern slopes get plenty of sunshine and therefore warm up easily. Villány is famous for the highest number of sunny hours in the whole country.

Beside the special soil and climatic conditions, centuries-old winemaking traditions make Villány one of the most famous of all red wine-making regions of Hungary.

The history of viticulture reaches back to the Celts and Romans. Even the people of these ancient civilizations realised the merits of the gently sloped hills, the sunshine and the climate for winemaking.


External influences (settlers, new vines and methods) have always played a major role and become an organic part of our winemaking traditions. Kadarka was introduced by the Serbs fleeing from the army of the Ottoman Empire, whilst Portugieser was brought by the Germans settled here during the reign of Marie Theresa. The latter also built the cellars that determine the face of Villány today.
The phylloxera vine-pest epidemic of the 19th Century reached Villány as well. It was thanks to Zsigmond Teleki, a viticulturist of Villány, who managed the selective breeding of more resistant vines, that the vineyards all over Europe could be replanted. The introduction of contemporary breeds and development of new hybrids once again gave momentum to the Villány wine region.

Today’s most important change was the introduction of new appellation control regulations in 2006 for Villány winemakers. These regulations are tougher than those laws regarding winemaking in general in Hungary. The symbol of appellation control is the first legally protected Hungarian plant, a special spring crocus that lives exclusively on the slopes of Szársomlyó Hill in Villány.


Vylyan = Villány, according to the records.

Wines of Hungary is proud to be only distributor in the UK of this beautiful brand.

The founder, Pál Debreczeni, aimed to set up a trendsetting winery that would stand its own in international circles of winemaking. Right from the beginning the main consideration, subordinating all other aspects, was that of quality, – from choosing the slopes for the vines, to marketing the wines. We planted our first grapes in 1992 and the first wines were introduced to the market in 1997. Vylyan is continuing to win many awords, nationally and internationally, ever since. The list of the awards is endless.

Beside the special qualities of the soil, the hard, enthusiastic work of an open-minded professional team bore its fruits and today Vylyan is one of the most prominent vineyards of the Villány wine region.

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