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Zsirai Winery

The Winery

They started this winery in 2003. Nowadays, ran by the Zsirai sisters, they work on 15 hectares in the Tokaj region. Their center is in Mád, in the heart of Tokaj and Zsirai also has a a few hectares in Somló and Villany wine regions. They only produce wine from the grape they grow. They believe that the secret of good wine is excellent soil, proper selection of grapes varieties, and diligent care.


Tokaji Frumint Dry

Understated dry Furmint showing notes of poached pear and a hint of herbs on the nose. To taste, it is crisp with apple notes and a steely backbone. (28)

Tokaji Fordítás Sweet

Rare style of Tokaji made by adding grape must to Aszú paste for a second time. It still shows lovely apricot and sultana complexity but in a less sweet style that is easier to match with food. (37)

Tokaji Aszú 6p Sweet

Still young and benefits from some air. Traditional Aszú, rich in colour, with notes of marmalade, orange peel and dried apricot. Rich and luscious in the mouth with lots of flavour and enough acidity to balance the sweetness. (38)

Nagy-Somlói Olaszrizling dry
Nagy-Somlói Furmint dry

Wine Details

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