Why Furmint February?

Furmint February is a campaign launched by Wines of Hungary UK in the United Kingdom which aims to celebrate and increase awareness of Hungary’s flagship varietal during the whole of February.

Born out of a highly successful and established promotion in Hungary which has been running for over 10 years, Wines of Hungary UK is celebrating Furmint with wine trade and wine lovers in the United Kingdom for the third time in 2021.

Not only delicious dry whites are made of Furmint, but it is also the most important grape behind the renowned sweet wines of Tokaj, the “wine of kings and king of wines”.

Throughout the month of February, importers and retailers are putting Furmint in the spotlight as they embark on activities such as tastings, dinners and special offers, all designed to help wine lovers in the UK taste and learn more about this grape variety.

Caroline Gilby MW says: “One exciting thing about Furmint is its versatility. It has some similarities to Riesling – able to go from bone-dry, crisp and vibrant; to intensely sweet, always with its hallmark steely acidity. At the same time, it has a touch of Chardonnay’s nature about it – capable of fine sparkling wines and able to respond well to oak and malolactic fermentation to give layered complex, almost Burgundian wines. It can offer everything from fine sparklers to complex layered dry wines to world class sweet wines, always underpinned by that streak of appetising acidity.”

Consumer promotion

UK Furmint Lover of the Week 2021

Post a selfie or picture with Furmint, about your Furmint experience on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, mention #furmintfebruary21 to win a case of Furmint each week during February. No need to apply, simply post a picture, mention your Furmint experience on social media and you automatically enter the competition!

Competition is running on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Your Chance to Win

One winner will be drawn each week and will win six bottles (750ml per bottle) of Furmint to enjoy through February 2021.
For full T&Cs, please visit www.furmintfebruary.co.uk for more details and join in the conversation on social media throughout February using #furmintfebruary21

Trade promotion

Calling all sommeliers and wine buyers across the On and Off trade!

Throughout February – April period, bars, restaurants and retailers are being encouraged to put Furmint in the spotlight through a series of tastings, dinners and special offers, all designed to help wine lovers to taste and learn more about Hungary’s most famous grape variety. (The campaign is running until end April to support on trade openings after lockdown. There is an opportunity to prolong the promotion until 30th of June if Covid-19 restrictions require, so restaurants, bars could participate.)

  • 15th February – Virtual tasting and masterclass – Furmint in Gastronomy by Caroline Gilby MW and Isa Bal MS
  • Listing support: the Furmint listings are supported by 50% free stock up to 18 bottles (when buying 6 cases)
  • Incentive – Best importer/distributor wins a trip to Tokaj to invite their selected partners to visit Hungary’s iconic wine region. (3 person/2 nights). To participate in the Tokaj trip, importers, distributors need to provide information to WOH UK about the new listing, promotion executions.

Pls see detailed mechanism and timeline. (link)

Please see the participating wineries and download the tasting book. (link)


15th February

Furmint in Gastronomy

Virtual tasting and masterclass with Caroline Gilby MW and Isa Bal MS

1st February – 28th February

Consumer Promotion

Post a selfie or picture with Furmint on Facebook, Insta or Twitter, mention #furmintfebruary21 to win a case of Furmint each week during February. No need to apply, simply post a picture, mention your Furmint experience on social media and you automatically enter the competition!

1st February – 30th April

Trade Promotion

Stock up Furmint and execute the Furmint February promotion supported by 50% free stock up to 18 bottles. List a Furmint, offer it by the glass, put it on the menu, display in the shop.

17th May

Send promotion entries

Distributors to send promotion entries to WHO UK from their partners

18th May

Judging Starts

Judging Starts by WHO UK Team. How to win? We judge based on, new listings, social media posts, consumer engagement, BTG offer, sommelier recommendation, Furmint on the menu, Furmint tastings, wine dinners, window display, any other creative promotional execution.

1st June

Winners Announced!

PRIZE: UK Furmint Distributor of the Year 2021, 1st place: 3-day(2 nights) trip to Tokaj for 3 persons

1st July – 31 Dec 2021

Travel to Tokaj

and discover one of the oldest and unique wine regions of the World

Win A Trip to Tokaj

Participating wineries

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