Joe Fattorini Strips Furmint

by Joe Fattorini

What do you suggest to the cautious who want to play safe? The dinner host who wants to impress? The wine adventurer starting out? The answer is usually “dry Furmint”.

Hungary and I didn’t get off to a promising start. It was in 1992 in a seedy restaurant in Budapest. A young woman offered a striptease. We paid her to keep her clothes on. She was doing what she felt she had to in a country finding its feet, building its economy, restoring its national pride.

I hope she’s proud of what her country has become today. And the wine that has become Hungary’s calling card. Royal Tokaji Dry Furmint introduces people to the style. But Kovacs Nimrod Dry Furmint shows a complexity and poise comparable with the world’s great whites. And Somloi Apatsagi Pince Furmint reveals the grape’s ability to speak of its volcanic terroir. Try these three… and you’re hooked.