Juliet Victor


The name ‘Juliet Victor’ is a seal of commitment for the highest quality. József Váradi the founder and leader of Wizz Air, one of Europe’s most successful aviation enterprises has provided the ultimate endorsement for this very special wine. ‘Juliet Victor’ is a moniker from his own initials using the International phonetic alphabet, the language of aviation: ‘J’ for Juliet and ‘V’ for Victor.The Váradi Family is known as a Family that brings ground-breaking innovations to products, services and experiences we create. The Family has made a long term commitment to the Mád region and intends to continue the tradition from one generation to the next. The family believes in living by a code of values: innovation, quality, integrity, dedication.


Tokaj famous for its Sweet Wines, the region has been increasingly celebrated for its dry wines. Being a Tokaj, the winery’s dry wine contains some residual sugar, which combined with high acidity make it ideal for food pairing. Today, Juliet Victor brings us exquisite contemporary wines which are crafted and elevated upon a tradition of expertise.


The Vineyard is situated in the historic town of Mád. Here, we use the same handpicked Furmint grape to produce both our dry and sweet wines. Grapes for our sweet wines are harvested later, expertly selected depending on ripeness and picked individually after experiencing botrytis, a task that displays our invaluable knowledge when it comes to creating Tokaj wines.

total 21 HA cultivated, 8 vineyards 19 parcel

Betsek, Holdvölgy, Király, Bomboly, Szent-Tamás, Veres, Úrágya,




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