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Kovács Nimród Borászat

Importer: Boutinot Wines

A world-class winery located in Eger, one of Hungary’s most premium wine regions where wines are expertly crafted from grapes hand harvested in the top three terroirs. These Grand Cru and Premier Cru classified vineyards enjoy a cool climate similar to Burgundy, which along with producing premium wines is why Eger is referred to as ‘the Hungarian Burgundy’. The winery itself is situated in seven continuous cellars on the historic Verőszala Street in Eger, which in the 18th Century was lined with wine press houses erected above each cellar to handle onsite grape processing and after the grape juice is fermented, the wines are stored in barrel in the cool cellars below. Today, owner Nimród Kovács, a retired international businessman and philanthropist, has resurrected this wine house and guided by this tradition, continues to make wine in a similar way, albeit aided by 21st century technology. This elegant Furmint comes from the best terroir in Eger, the Nagy-Eged hill as a special gift from a very good year.