Kvaszinger Winery

Our goral is to make wine with a unique tate besides keeping Tokaj-Hegyalja’s tradition and the value of nature.

Kvaszinger Family works  with viticultere for generations in Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region. They grow 3 types of grapes on 8,5 ha land. These types are Furmint, Hárslevelű and Sárgamuskotály. Their annual production reached 40.000 bottles by 2018. Nowadays László Kvaszinger makes wine and leads the family business in Olaszliszka.

We have two product categories. The basic items (Tokaj Dry, Sárgamuskotály, Late harvest) are reductive ones and are made in stainless steel tanks. Our goal with these products to make easily understandable wines for a wide amount of consumers. These wines have fresh-friuty, easy drinking stlye that fits for every day.

The other product category is for premium wines, which are made for winelovers who are looking for high quality products.

László Kvaszinger’s great grandpa Ödön Kvaszinger was working as the arranger of baron Vay, leading the winemaking and viticulture. However once the baron lost it’s money while playing cards so he sent a messenger for the arranger to bring him cash from the lordship’s treasury. The messneger was fast and came back to the baron with this message: There’s not enough money in the treasury but Ödön Kvaszinger would like to buy a vineyard from you and would pay for it now. First he was hesitateing but then the baron accepted the offer and sold Hatalos vineyard to Kvaszinger Family in 1929.