Márton birtok

Nine years ago, when we first arrived in Tállya, we didn’t know anything for sure, except that we had business here! And so it was. We noticed the values ​​in the area and decided not to let that go so far. We didn’t think there was love at first sight, but Tállya overwrote all my previous beliefs. That was the basis of all my next steps. We first took the Lion (Oroszlános) Wine Hotel and Restaurant under our wings. In parallel, we teamed up with 4 other winemakers in Tállya and created the wine of Tállya, the Tállya furmint. It was then that we first encountered the grandiose of the furmint of Tokaj, and its elegance took us straight off my feet. This gave us the impetus to become a proud owner of a vineyard in Tállya: our first area is from the Bártfai vineyard, and from there the first Márton wine, Rigófütty. It smells like a thousand fruits and spices, and our pride grows from vintage to vintage. And the value of his ideas is invaluable to us! After a special night, the slogan “Just Tállya” became the name of one of the furmint on the estate.

Our mission is to preserve and pass on the values ​​and treasures of not only Tállya, but also the wine region of Tokaj-Hegyalja. The Márton estate works with a team day by day to preserve all the pillars of the wine culture of Tokaj-Hegyalja and to combine them with modern screws.

Today, Márton Birtok farms on more than 30 hectares in the first-class vineyards of Tállya, Tokaj-Hegyalja. Our main varieties: Furmint, Yellow Musca and Linden.