Steven Spurrier: Tasting Notes

SITT, September 2017

1. Gere Attila, Olaszrizling 2016: Pretty and light, but some character.
2. Gere Attila, Cabernet Franc 2015: Good broad Cab Franc fruit, but bit thicker than expected.

3. Gere Attila, Syrah 2015: Very good colour, really good Syrah nose and palate, well made.

4. Kovacs Nimrod, 777 Pinot Noir 2014: Good Pinot colour, fine floral fruit, good acidity, very good Pinot.

5. Kovacs Nimrod, Egri Csillag 2016: Silver pale, floral, finely made with middle sweetness and good depth.

6.  Barta, Furmint 2015: Quite rich with lots of flavour, really well made, complex.

7.  Barta, Egy Kis Edes Furmint, 2016: Pale lemon/yellow, surprisingly sweet but good wine.

8. Barta, Szamorodni, 2013: Quite broad and rich, good flavour and grip.

9. Balla Geza, Furmint Stone Wine 2016: Good fresh wine, nice fruit and acidity.

10. St Andrea, Boldogsagos 2016: A clean and classy wine, floral and elegant.

11. St Andrea, Hangacs 2013: Very good fruit, oak well-expressed, good complexity

12. St Andrea, Merengo 2013: Richer, more oak, less clarity of expression.