Sweet Tokaj


The sweet wines of Tokaj offer a wide range of food-matching possibilities with their broad range of flavours and styles. These amazing sweet Tokaji wines deserve far greater gastronomic attention than simply being consigned to the dessert menu.

The wonderful balance of vibrant acidity, alcohol, flavour complexity and residual sugar of these wines offers so much more than simply luscious sweetness.

Wines of Hungary UK would like to invite sommeliers and chefs to create ground-breaking food pairings to match Tokaji’s sweet wine specialities – Tokaji Aszú and Tokaji Szamorodni.

How to participate?

Experiment with food pairings and menu options throughout the Xmas season and into January and submit your best food and wine pairing to our jury.

Choose from:

  • Tokaji Aszú (6 puttonyos or 5 puttonyos)
  • Szamorodni (sweet or dry)

All wines should currently be available in the UK.

Participating teams: one sommelier and one chef.

Submit one food pairing recommendation with any of the above sweet Tokaj wines, along with the food name, a short description of the menu, key ingredients, and an explanation as to why you think it is a great match. Attach a picture of your food and wine pairing. (Pictures are not mandatory)

Menu options:

  • First course
  • Main course

Note: We want to encourage participants to think beyond the obvious, so no dessert or cheese courses will be considered by the judges.


Submission should include:

  • Food name, wine name
  • Key ingredients of the food
  • Preparation method
  • Explanation of why the food is an excellent match to the selected sweet Tokaj wine
  • Name of the team, company/restaurant, email address

Deadline: 20th January 2022

The creator of the best food and wine pairing idea will be selected by the jury, with the best winning the main prize of the project.

Main prize: A gastro trip to Budapest and a Tokaj visit. (2 people/3 nights).


Isa Bal MS – Trivet Restaurant

Csaba Harmath – restaurateur

Eniko Magyar – Agricultural and Environmental Counsellor, Embassy of Hungary, London

Zsuzsa Toronyi – Wines of Hungary UK

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10 December 2021

Sommeliers to pair up with their chef

Create your ground-braking food pairing to Tokaj sweet wine specialities – Tokaji Aszu and Tokaji Szamorodni. Menu options: First course and Main course

20 January 2022

Submit your best working food and wine pairing to our jury

Submit one food pairing to any participating sweet Tokaj wines, whit a short description, key ingredients and explanation why do you think it is a great match: - Name and taste profile of the wine (Tokaji Aszu or Szamorodni) - Name of your meal - Description and key components of your meal - Describe why the food is working together with the selected wine in a few sentences - Picture of the wine and food (optional) - Name of the team members, contact details. We encourage participants to think beyond the obvious dessert and cheese courses.

1 February 2022

The jury select the best entry

The jury announce the best Sweet Tokaj-Food pairing. The creators of the best food and wine pairing idea will win the main prize of the food pairing project.

Main prize

Winning team travels to Hungary for a 3-day Budapest gastro experience and and Tokaj visit.

(2 people/3 nights).

Participating wineries