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Szent Tamás Szőlőbirtok és Pincészet

Importer: Alliance Wine

The best wines of Hungary – Our winery produces dry and sweet white wines of the highest quality. Among many Awards our wines had been awarded 5 times within 3 years with the Decanter Platinum, these wines were chosen as the best wines of Hungary by the biggest and most influential wine contests of the world.
The Finest of Tokaj Wine Region – The Estate covers 23 hectares of the best terroir of the historic Tokaji Wine Region. From these first-class historic crus – classified in 1737 – we produce high end dry Furmint selections and sweet traditional Aszú wines. We also integrate almost 100 hectares from the surrounding outstanding vineyards owned by smallholders to produce village level selections therefore we are able to produce fine wines sold in 35 countries today. Through our village level and single vineyard selected wines we show the world the unique tasting characters of the volcanic Tokaji Wine Region.