TR Winery

As young wine enthusiasts, we aspire to rejuvenate Tállya village and its surroundings at the historical Tokaj Wine Region.
Our story goes back to 2012 when after several trips to Tállya village and long walks in the vineyards, we carefully selected the desired land, the so-called Palota Vineyard, with 3.5 hectares.

Viticulture & Winemaking

Since then, we cultivate the 15-40-year-old vines of the Palota vineyard with an organic approach, and we will be certified by 2020/21. We aim to establish and maintain the biodiversity of the environment. We do not use any chemical pesticides, only contact spraying to build up the grapevines’ natural protection and strengthen their immune system.

Our wines coming from this vineyard follow the style of the new generation of “Tokaj” vintages, complementing them with youthful vigor and experimentation with lighter tones.

Being a volcanic land, the Palota-vineyard presents perfect minerality, and its exposure provides the right balance between acidity and sugar. Moreover, Tokaj is about the natural sweetness that we are proud to display in our sweet late harvest wines, szamorodni and aszú.

We insist on the highest quality and focus on winemaking methods that allow our wines to show the varietal characteristics of the grapes and their terroir to the fullest.

Today & Tomorrow

Our winery is still small, but we hope – with relentlessly hard work – to find our place amongst the region’s winemakers and wine lovers. Since September 2020, we have also been certified organic viticulture and organic winemaking.