Wines of Hungary UK will be bringing Furmint February back to the UK in for the second time in 2020. Furmint February 2.0 will celebrate 20 years of dry Furmint wines being produced in Hungary. For ten years, Furmint February has been organized in Hungary to celebrate the country’s flagship grape amongst trade and consumers.

Throughout the month of February, importers and retailers will be putting Furmint in the spotlight as they embark on activities such as tastings, dinners and special offers, all designed to help wine lovers in the UK taste and learn more about this grape variety

Furmint is Hungary’s flagship grape variety and the most important grape behind the renowned sweet wines of Tokaj, the “wine of kings and king of wines”. Furmint has been gaining more and more recognition in the UK, so now is right time to shine a light on this exceptional grape variety.

Throughout February, importers and retailers will have the opportunity to win a trip to Tokaj. They will be encouraged to showcase Furmint with a series of tastings, dinners and special offers, all designed to help wine lovers to taste and learn more about Hungary’s flagship grape variety.

Consumers are invited to share their Furmint experiences on social media for a chance to win a case of Furmint every Friday in February using #furmintfebruary20 hashtag.

Fell in Love with Furmint   

(Tasting invites and registrations)

The Furmint February campaign starts with a comprehensive tasting on Wednesday 29th January in 2020, of over 150 Furmint wines from 35 producers at Merchant Taylors’ Hall. Sparkling, dry and sweet Furmint wines from Tokaj, Somlo, Eger, Badacsony and Csopak will be available to taste from 1-5pm for the members of the trade and attendees can learn more at two masterclasses:

  • Caroline Gilby MW will host a ‘20 years of Furmint’ masterclass and vertical tasting with iconic wines; sign up here
  • Laszlo Balint, Hungarian winemaker and wine educator will host a session on ‘The many faces of Furmint’. sign up here

We are inviting wine lover consumers to fell in love with Furmint later in the evening, from 5pm-8pm, to register

Trade registration (1pm-5pm): HERE

Consumer registration (5pm-8pm): HERE

 Enjoy Furmint and win!


Trade promotion:

Win a trip to Tokaj!

Throughout the month, Wines of Hungary UK is encouraging bars and restaurants to put Furmint in the spotlight on their wine lists and encourage wine lovers to taste, learn about and fall in love with Furmint. Importers and distributors are invited you would like to enter to win a trip to Tokaj, showcasing their activities during February to win the main prize (of an inclusive 3 days trip to Tokaj for 3 person).

Applications should be sent to detailing activities and highlighting results by 13th March to have the chance to win.



Consumer promotion:

Win a case of Furmint each week!

Furmint, Hungary’s flagship grape variety, is taking over wine lists this February. Wine lovers are being given the chance to win this delicious wine! To win a case of Furmint each week of February, all you have to do is post a Furmint picture on social media with the hashtag #furmintfebruary20 and check in or mention the name of the retailer or bar where you enjoyed your Furmint wine.

The winner is announced each Friday during February.

Participating wineries

Fabulous Furmint

Caroline Gilby MW

Here’s a wine fact for you: the grape variety, Furmint, is actually the half-sibling of Riesling and Chardonnay via its parent Gouais Blanc (aka Heunisch Weiss). Well it is according to Master of Wine Caroline Gilby who also just happens to be not only a big fan, but one of the world’s leading expert on how and why Furmint is becoming a real quality benchmark for Hungarian wine. You can find out for yourself at the second Furmint February tasting being held on January 29 2020. Before then here’s Gilby’s personal assessment of why we should be paying more attention to Furmint.

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