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The Society’s Hungarian White 2018 – How We Did It

Back in January this year a new Hungarian blend was in the making. The very new Society’s Hungarian White from Ostoros Winery in Eger. Lilla and The Wine Society’s very own Freddy took a trip to Eger to create a crisp, fresh and parfumed Hungarian white for the UK to drink this summer. We had a chat with Freddy and the winemaker, Karoly Adamovich on what to expect. Grab a bargain, this white blend will soon launch at The Wine Society’s July catalogue for £6.95

Freddy, what was it like blending (mainly) indigenous varieties? How did you approach  the task?

‘The challenge of blending indigenous varieties is in the understanding of their characteristics. It is really important to thoroughly taste each variety individually and get an idea of what they could offer to a blend. Even more importantly though, is working with a skilled and trustworthy winemaker. Nobody will ever know the blending components better than the winemaker themselves and while I want to be able to put together a wine which is perfect for Wine Society members, the only way to do that successfully is through listening and collaborating.’

Did you get any help?

‘Wines of Hungary UK were a great help with the organisation. It was through them that I discovered Ostoros Bor and so this blend would never have happened without them!’

What do you think your consumers would like to drink with a white blend from Hungary? What flavour profile have you been after?

‘We wanted something which was bright, crisp and refreshing. Easy drinking and pleasurable but which also has personality and tastes Hungarian. This has been achieved by using the indigenous varieties.’

Does this differ on what whites British people like in general? If so why?

‘I think that there is a difference between what the UK market likes in general and what Wine Society members like in general. We are lucky to be able to sell to so many keen wine enthusiasts, who appreciate more challenging wine styles more than most of the market, hence why it was important to oversee this blend in order to make sure it is up to scratch.’

What is your tasting note of the first ever ‘The Society’s Hungarian White’?

‘Crisp, fresh and perfumed white, which is a perfect introduction to the wonderful and often overlooked wines of Hungary. Embodying the herb and spice aromas which Hungary is known for, with plenty of bright white fruit too. Made using predominantly indigenous varieties, királyleányka, olaszrizling and hárslevelű.’

Karoly, can you talk about your experience blending a Csillag with and for the Wine Society. What did you learn?

‘I think it was a great opportunity to learn how international people think about wine elegancy or wine style. For me it was a pleasure to do the blend with Freddy because he didn’t want to force his will to me. However, amazingly he managed to get the blend right for the first try – which was my favourite out of the many other blends that followed after that, in attempt to try and slightly improve it. So I have also learnt that simple ways have sometimes more benefits, there is no need to overcomplicate things, especially if you are aiming for easy drinking styles.’

Do you like this new white blend?

‘Yes! As previously mentioned this blend for me was just right for the first time. Of course we tried many more ways using various different proportions and little additions of other varieties to improve it, none which worked as much as the first. I am proud to add my name to this bottle.’

Describe the wine with your words

‘Pale lemon with an elegant, fruity nose, herbs and floral intensity. Harmony on the palate, light, with good acidity and balance. I seek for and prefer harmonious elegancy in wines, and I think I found it in this Egri Csillag.’