Bodrog Borműhely

Krisztián Farkas and János Hajdú founded the Bodrog Borműhely Winery  with a fresh degree after the university of oenology. Started In 2007 as a  „garage winery” with 1 ha vineyard and with small classic wooden press and a few barrels They have grown organically and have expanded steadily, and after more than 10 years of work they now have 6.5 ha of their own vineyards and bottled 15-30.000 bottle wines at nowadays. At 2020’ they have been finish a new, full estate centre and guest house. From viticulture to winemaking, most of works they do it themselves carefully. Since 2016, the estate has been steadily transitioning to organic farming to produce more expressive wines. In 2021, they also started the process of obtaining the official organic certification (Bio-Garacnia, HU-ÖKO-02), and the estate is currently under the status of a reapproved organic wine producer. Their wines are sold through several foreign wine merchants (USA, South Korea, Norway, Poland, Germany) in addition to the top gastronomy of the country.