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Harvest Report 2018

Harvest Report from Hungary

Vintage 2018 is going to be an outstanding one, with higher above average yields and excellent quality. The unusually warm weather in spring introduced early budding and flowering by 2-3 weeks, followed by the dry and warm summer without major weather extremes, resulted in an an early harvest across all wine regions in Hungary.

White grapes had to be picked early, already in August, but all nicely ripened with good aroma profile and good acidity and sugar level. Thanks to the balanced weather conditions across the ripening season the producers could pick more fully ripened, and healthy crops than in previous years.

Red wines had equally healthy fruit and nice ripeness, with round, juicy reds on the horizon. Winemakers are just picking the last bunches, if not finished harvest, very early on this year.

On all accounts, winemakers agree, that the promise of this vintage will result in breathtaking wines.

AszĂș harvest is ongoing in Tokaj, nearly finished. Hungary was lucky with the weather, long sunny afternoons and morning mists favoured botrytis. Both quantity and quality of 2018 aszu is expected to be outstanding.