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SITT Spring 2019

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Hungarian wines, with a great selection of Furmint. In 2019 Wines of Hungary UK brings Furmint February to life for the fist time. Throughout the month, Wines of Hungary UK is inciting bars and restaurants to put Furmint in the spotlight on their wine lists and encourage wine lovers to taste, learn about and fall in love with Furmint. Furmint is used to produce a wide range of styles of wine, from dry to sweet including Tokaj, so there are plenty of different wines to discover. So we will bring 3 really nice examples to try.

Hungary is a land of indigenous grape varieties, but fair amount of international varieties were introduced as well after the Phylloxera.

Furmint (white) or Kekfrankos (red) are the flagship grape varieties in Hungary and becoming the talk of the town in London, with a growing interest from both sommeliers and wine experts seeking the unusual. These wines carry stunning complexity in a single variety and not only good to discover on its own but make amazing food companions.

Our Strengths 

Unique Hungarian wines representing great structure, minerality and excellent food pairing potentials. Indigenous grape varieties, such as Furmint, and diversity. – for those seeking undiscovered high-quality wines. Majority of our winemakers are cultivating their vineyards with minimal intervention or bio, but we also have biodynamic wineries in the portfolio.

Industry Trends

There is an increasing interest and demand towards the new old world such as Hungary, Greece, Lebanon and Romania in the UK wine market both from professionals, but there is a recognizable demand of consumers for quality wines with good value, where Hungarian wines perform very well. On and off trade are both looking for point of difference and value for money. Hungarian wines deliver both of those objectives.

Hungary’s potential for growth…

Hungary, even though there has been a great interest from industry in the past years – is still pretty much a region to discover for UK importers. The wine industry in Hungary is developing rapidly, new generation winemakers are bringing back a wealth of international experience mixed with talent and good terroir. We are proud to be able to represent their wines on the UK market, by regularly participating UK consumer fairs, and tasting. The consumer loves and appreciates Hungarian wines and would like to see more availability on the shelves and in restaurants.

Wines of Hungary = Low intervention

Most of the wines we show at site are low intervention. A new addition to our portfolio are the Nachbil wines – the new vintages are all fully certified biodynamic. Gere from Villany is the same. Low intervention wines are Heimann, Sanzon, St Andrea, Kolonics, Zsirai – pretty much the whole portfolio.